Dance Classes

Let the instructors from Evie’s dance studio define your style to make you an amazing dancer.

Below are just some of the classes that we offer.


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Salsa is a popular form of social dancing that originated in New York with strong influences from Latin America; particularly  Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The movements of salsa have its origins in Cuban Son, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo and other dance forms, and the dance, along with the Salsa music,[1][2][3] originated in the mid-1970s in New York



Authentic Bachata music and dance originated from the Dominican Republic. The original, slow style in the 60's was danced only in a close embrace, like bolero dancing. Bachata is a very popular dance that keeps you coming back for more.

Private Lessons


Private lessons help to better your style as a dancer. You will receive one on one instruction that will have you seeing results in no time!



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